A new presence
in the lift market

ILC was born in November 1994 from an idea developed during Bruxelles Exhibition together with some of the main Spanish component suppliers.
The main target was to create a structure to distribute some products in the Italian market, providing the same pre and after-sales services given by the manufacturer itself.
Further to heavy financial investments (the new Magenta offices), in few years ILC has changed up to reach the actual structure: a reality in International and italian lift market.

The main point of human resources department is to try to understand the needs of the single person talking with everyone and than work to fulfill these needs when possible. This idea, once entered in the company everyday life, has been automatically reversed on the customer.

ILC is able to supply any type of component, spare part or complete lifts: electric, hydraulic and MRL gearless. The resources of our technical office are dedicated to the modernization of working lifts or replacement of already existing lifts: a new lift in existing shaft.

Complete Lifts

Hydro MRL

Hydraulic MRL Lift
Perfect for low/medium raise buildings.


Electrical gearless MRL lift
Perfect for new hi-raise buildings.


Electrical gearless MRL lift
Perfect for existing building without elevators and for old lift modernizations.


Electrical MRL gearless lift
Perfect for existing building without elevators with reduced pit and headroom.

Domestic Lift

Homelift MRL hydraulic or electric gearless
Perfect to private building and home with low raised.

Parking Lift

Hydraulic car lift studied for big loads
Perfect for multilevel parkings or garages.

Goods Lift

Hydraulic goods Lift
Perfect for production facilities, warehouses and storages, shopping centers.

Special Elevator

Panoramic Elevators, Round lifts, Inclined lifts, Heliport lifts and Esplosion Proof lifts (ATEX / IP 55)


Complete Lifts


Spare parts

Quick spare parts request:
Whatsapp +39 349 8057737​


Our numbers


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more than 10,000 complete elevators supplied all around the world


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more than 1,000 industrial and passenger platforms supplied all around the world


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more than 15,000 components of the most important brands in the lifts market


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More than 8,000 spare parts of all lifts brands

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