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Hydro MRL

The Hydraulic MRL Lift is the perfect mix between traditional hydraulic elevators with modern technologies, giving the best performance, spaces optimization and particular attention to consumptions. Perfect for low/medium raise buildings.


Electrical gearless MRL lift, innovative technological solution, with best speed, energy saving and travel comfort performances. Perfect for new hi-raise buildings.



Electrical gearless MRL lift is an innovative technological solution, with best performance for space optimization and max cabin dimensions, saving energy and travel comfort. Perfect for existing building without elevators and for old lift modernizations.


Electrical MRL gearless lift. Innovative technological solution, with best performance for space optimization in pit and headroom and max cabin dimensions, saving energy and travel comfort. Perfect for existing buildings without elevators and with reduced pit and headroom.


Domestic Lift

Homelift MRL hydraulic or electric gearless studied for persons with impaired mobility to reduce architectonic barriers. It offers maximum flexibility for final user needs, adaptation to each location, with low consumption. Available with automatic doors and automatic control or manual doors with pressed button control. Perfect for private buildings or home with few stories.

Parking Lift​

Hydraulic car lift studied for big loads is a solution to move cars with driver on board. Perfect for multilevel parkings or garages.


Goods Lift​

The Hydraulic goods Lift is available also only for goods or with attendant, studied for big loads, it’s a good solution to move bulky packages. Perfect for production facilities, warehouses and storages, shopping centers.

Special Elevator​

  • Panoramic Elevators
  • Round lifts
  • Inclined lifts
  • Heliport lifts
  • Esplosion Proof lifts (ATEX / IP 55)

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