MpGO! Evolution

Highly customisable, eco-efficient, competitive with the competition in terms of design, range of finishes, technology applied to the product and, of course, price!

Here are some of the most appreciable features of this product:

  • serial communication between all electrical equipment
  • high performance electronics
  • highly reliable inverter, protected against electromagnetic interference and equipped with a switched source to ensure a stabilised power supply
  • a single battery pack (reducing the problem of battery failures)
  • all components in a single, compact cabinet (350x150x2160 mm)
  • modular assembly, fewer cables and easier connections
  • quick, easy and precise assembly with absolute positioning: just two magnets per stop and one flexible cable
  • intuitive and photographic manuals, the position of the electrical components is designed to suit the specifications of the compartment, this allows you to prepare in advance how they will be mounted in the compartment to avoid interference, reducing and facilitating assembly and commissioning time
  • attractively designed car and landing fixtures
  • LCD or TFT display (as a variant)
  • VF regulated door operator
  • machine with permanent magnets with no need for lubrication and with traction sheave mounted directly on the rotor, to avoid play and noise during operation
  • Three emergency systems: Automatic, Assisted (MES) and Electro-Manual.

Design and finishes:

  • VILITER KOLORO line cabin, basic version, with skinplate walls
  • SUPRA line cabin with stainless steel walls
  • AMBIENTUM COLOR line cabin with coloured lacquered glass walls
  • AMBIENTUM UNIKA line cabin, customisable with customer images.

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Documentation in Italian

Italian-language assistance with the possibility of remote connection to the system, even during the installation phases.

Spare parts are always available with delivery within 24-48 hours from the request. 

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